Monday, April 1, 1985

Female UID - Kentucky - April 01, 1985

Located: Gray, KY
Date Found: April 01, 1985
Age: Approx 25 - 35 yrs
Race  White
Sex   Female
Weight: 100 lbs  
Height: (Petite) 4'9" - 4"11"
Hair: Red; 11 inches
Eyes: Hazel - light brown
Scars: scar on abdomen, numerous moles
Clothing on body: two pairs of socks, one pair white, one pair white with green and yellow stripes
Footwear: brown boots found nearby
Jewelry: heart and eagle pendants on two different necklaces

DNA: Tests complete

Medical Examiner Case # 85-04-077

Circumstances: Found in rural dump, on April 1, 1985, in Gray, Kentucky along Route 25. She had been dead for a few days and her remains were discovered in a white refrigerator with a decal that said, “Super Woman” on the front. She was nude except for a two necklaces and two pairs of socks. She had several moles, a stained incisor and marks on her stomach that indicated she had given birth. A string of serial killings of red-headed women also occurred during this time frame.

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