Thursday, June 19, 1986

LA - UID Female located on June 19, 1986

Unidentified White Female (20 - 30 years old) - Located June 19, 1986 - near Slidell, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana - Estimated to have died about 36 Hours prior to discovery.

She was found weighted down in Lake Pontchartrain, near Slidell, LA, in St. Tammany Parish on June 19, 1986.

Weight (pounds) : 126, Estimated
Height (inches): 64 inches, Measured
Hair color: Red/Auburn
Head hair: Red/Auburn (per autopsy report)

Not recognizable: Decomposing/putrefaction
All parts recovered

Scars and marks: 2.3cm scar midline on abdomen, above the naval; 1.5 cm circular-in-shape scar on right knee; 1.2 cm scar on the right wrist (per autopsy report).
Medical implants: silicone breast implants
Skeletal findings: Previously fractured right hip.

No clothing or accessories.

FiINGERPRINT information is currently not available (Explain: unknown if taken when body found)

DENTAL information is available (see link)

DNA: nucDNA and mtDNA available (see link)

Coroner or Case Manager:
LSU FACES Laboratory
Mary Manhein
Case number: LSU 03-35

NamUs UP # 852

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