Sunday, April 12, 1998

MD - Female UID Located April 12, 1998

African American Female, Unidentified
Date found :April 12, 1998
Location Found:  Baltimore, MD
Death: April 12, 1998
Approx. age: 35-45 years
Race :Black/African American
Sex : Female
Weight: 180 lbs, Estimated
Height: 64” (5’4”)
HEIGHT NOTE: Office of the Chief Medical Examiner information noted the subject as 5'7" and 121 lbs. However, the Police
 Report notes her as approximately 5'4" and 180 lbs. Her photograph is consistent with the police information.
Other: Recognizable face        
Location Found: 1626 E. Biddle Street, Baltimore, MD
Circumstances: Subject found lying on steps of a house after getting off of a bus and not feeling well. She may have been a substance abuser.
Hair : Black, long, straight to wavy, with coiled hair piece held in by a rubber band and green hair pick,
Eyes: Brown
Amputations : Tip of left middle finger
Medical Findings: Right ovary and fallopian tube surgically removed evidenced by adhesions; heart disease   
Scars and marks :
Small scar on right cheek (face).
Small scar on front of left side of chest.
Stretch marks on abdomen.
Small scar on back of right forearm.
Small scars on back of right hand.
Small scars on both knees and legs.
Scar on back of left ankle.
Needle track marks on right forearm (Subject possibly left-handed?).
Scars on back right side of waist.
Finger and toe nails:   Chipped red nail polish on toe nails. Pink nail polish on finger nails.

Agency Contact:
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner  
Phone: Office of the Chief Medical Examiner  
Phone: (410) 333-3225
 (410) 333-3225

Fingerprint information: is available elsewhere
Clothing on body: None mentioned due to subject being hospitalized before death.

Dental information: charting is available and entered
DNA: Sample is currently not available

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