Tuesday, May 9, 2000

NH - Child UID located in barrel May 09, 2000 - NAMUS 2175


Middle Child: NamUs UP# 2175

Case number 103-00
Date found May 09, 2000
Minimum age 2 years
Maximum age 4 years
Race White
Sex Female
Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
Height (inches) 46, Estimated
Hair: Slightly wavy, light brown hair, approximately 5 inches long
Eyes: Unknown color
Teeth: An overbite that may have been noticeable to others
*Not the child of the adult female as determined by DNA. 
This child most likely spent her childhood further inland in
the region near the Dakotas and western Nebraska.
Testing also shows she could have lived in a few
small pockets throughout the Northeast or in the Southwest. 

If you recognize her, please contact the New Hampshire State Medical Examiners Office at 603-271-1235
Newest Recreation:  Nov 2015

Other Victims of same:

A hunter discovered the first two bodies, a woman and a girl believed to be nine to ten, in a plastic bag spilling out of a steel drum in 1985 near the state park in Allenstown, New Hampshire.
Fifteen years later, an investigator revisiting the case found a second steel drum containing the two other girls, one believed to be two to three and the other three to four.
The adult woman is likely the mother of the oldest and youngest child.
The middle child is unlikely her child, but may possibly be related.
The woman and oldest child show signs of blunt-force trauma, and investigators haven't released the cause of death for the two younger children.
Investigators are nearly certain that all four victims were born in the United States.
While testing shows the woman and two related children likely lived in the Northeast, it is possible that they lived in the upper Midwest or somewhere along the southern borders of Arizona, New Mexico and into the West Coast.
Investigators believe all four victims were together in the Northeast sometime between the two weeks and three months leading up to their deaths. New data has narrowed the time of their killings to 1980 to 1984.
The photos depicted were computer enhanced by LostNMissing Inc, adding life like coloring,
hair and clothing by computerized software. The facial reconstruction was done by the
NCMEC forensic artist based on CT scan of skull in November 2015

Child NamUs UP Case Number: 2176
ME/C Case Number: 104-00
Date Found: 05/09/2000
Merrimack County, New Hampshire
1 to 3 year old White Female 

Child  NamUs UP Case Number: 2173
ME/C Case Number: 85-1051
Date Found: 11/10/1985
Merrimack County, New Hampshire
5 to 11 year old White Female

Adult  NamUs UP Case Number: 2174
ME/C Case Number: 85-1050
Date Found: 11/10/1985
Merrimack County, New Hampshire
23 to 33 year old White Female

Unidentified Adult Female and Three Children in Allenstown, New Hampshire
Year of Death or Disappearance: 1985/2000
City/Town: Allenstown
Status: Unsolved Homicide

If you recognize these victims, please contact the New Hampshire State Medical Examiners Office at 603-271-1235
Help us solve this case and bring justice to the family of this victim. 

FOUND NOV. 10, 1985

FOUND MAY 9, 2000



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