Wednesday, May 30, 2007

OH - Male UID located May 30, 2007 - Columbus, OH

Unidentified Deceased Male
Recreation by LostNMissing Inc.
*Note: Hair, coloring, eyes may not be an exact representation of male when alive.
Date found: May 30, 2007
Probable year of death: 2007
Estimated postmortem interval prior to found: Weeks
Estimated age: 25 - 40 years old
Race: White
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Sex: Male
Weight: 125 lbs, Measured
Height : 5'7", Measured
Hair: Possibly black hair
Eye Color: Unknown
Body conditions: Recognizable face
Scars: 1 inch scar on right side of forehead near the hairline
Clothing on body: Gray "Career Club" long sleeve button up shirt, Tan "LL Bean" women's size 8 pants, one brown "earth Shoe" size 10 shoe.

Medical Examiner Office:
Franklin County Coroner's Office, Jan Gorniak at (614)525-5290
Medical Examiner Case # 07-1801    NamUs Case # UP 616

Circumstances: On May 30, 2007 an individual fishing discovered the male body in the area of State Route 33 near the City of Columbus Dublin Road Water Treatment Facility and found the victim's remains in the Scioto River.
Dental information / charting is available and entered
Fingerprint information is available elsewhere
DNA: Samples submitted - Tests not complete

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