Sunday, March 1, 1992

WY- FEMALE UID Found March 01. 1992 Wyoming - "Bitter Creek Betty"

Unidentified White/Hispanic Female - 1992 - Wyoming

Interstate 80 is a 2,900-mile route running east to west from Teaneck, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California. It is the second-longest Interstate Highway in the United States.
It is at one of the Interstate 80 Turnout's that the body of this woman if found.

WHO is this person?

She is a 24 to 32 year old White with predominately Hispanic characteristics, or Hispanic with Native characteristics, female. She is estimated to be 5'8", 125 lbs, with dark brown or black hair and eyes.
She had a vertical Cesarean scar on her abdomen and a one-inch scar on her left calf. She had a distinctive tattoo of a rose on the right breast.

WHAT was found on or with her?

A pair of pink panties and a pair of sweat pants were found nearby. A gold-colored necklace and a plain gold-colored wedding-type ring, worn on her left ring finger.

WHEN was she found and WHEN did she die?

She was found March 1, 1992 and had died about a month prior.

WHERE was she found?

She was found at the Interstate 80 turnout known as "Bitter Creek" in Sweetwater, Wyoming.

HOW was she discovered and HOW did she die?

A truck driver pausing at an Interstate 80 turnout, known as Bitter Creek, spotted the victim's nude body lying face down in the snow. The body appeared as if it had been dropped out of a truck and came to rest at the bottom of a slope.
Investigators theorize the victim was probably killed elsewhere and dumped near the westbound side of the highway between October 1991 and February 1992.
The cause of death was listed as an ice pick or similar object inserted in the victim's left nostril, penetrating her sphenoid bone. Examiners also found signs of strangulation, beating trauma to the face and jaw, as well as anal and vaginal sexual assault.
The sophistication of the killing points to the possible involvement of a serial offender. Detectives have determined the killer's blood is type O.
The victim, known as "Bitter Creek Betty" is buried in Rest Haven Memorial Gardens.

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