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Young Male, Unidentified, died in NY Hospital - July, 05, 2014 (Hispanic)

Young Male, Unidentified, died in NY Hospital - July, 05, 2014 (Hispanic)
Status Unidentified
Case number 20141064
Date found July 05, 2014 03:29
Monticello, NY
Please help this young man by sharing this poster. No finger prints on file anywhere, his only possession, was his NY Yankees baseball hat. He was found at 3:30 am, unconscious (we believe a drowning victim) at a Children's Jewish summer camp in Monticello, NY. The hospital tried to save him, but that wasn't to be. He died, without his name. Please help. Not actual, but a likeness. Done by LostNMissing, Inc..
Estimated age Adult - Pre 30
Minimum age 20 years
Maximum age 30 years
 Race White
 Ethnicity Hispanic/Latino
Sex Male
Weight (pounds) 160, Estimated
Height (inches) 63, Estimated
Location Found:Monticello,NewYork
Zip code12701
 County: Sullivan
Head hair Straight Black hair and is approximately 1" in length.
 Body hair Small amount of chest hair.
 Facial hair There is an approximately 1/4" mustache and goatee.
Left eye color Brown
Right eye color Brown
Eye description The eyes have brown irides and clear conjuntivae without petechiae, hemorrhage, or jaundice.
 At the scene of the pool the John Doe's clothing that were recovered was one camouflage Rothco pants size 30, one black Call of Duty Ghost t-shirt size medium, one white t-shirt size medium, and one gray and black NY Yankee baseball hat size 7 1/8. Footwear At the scene of the pool the John Doe's foot wear was recovered one pair of gray and lime green NIKE AirMax size 7.5.
Jewelry None
Eyewear None
Other items found with body None

 If info, please Call the: Sullivan Cnty Coroners Ofc Phone 845-794-3000 ext 3161 Sheriff Dept is: det. Peter Ramos Phone 845-794-7100

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