Friday, October 16, 2015

Female, Black - Oct. 16, 2015 - Philadelphia, PA

UNIDENTIFIED Earthly female body
Date found October 16, 2015
Approx age: 30-60 years old
Race Black/African American
Sex Female
Weight : 180 lbs
Height : 5'7"
Hair: Black w gray
Facial: Black & Grey chin hair
Eyes: Brown
Piercings: ears w clear-stone earrings

Clothing: Blue headband
"Covington" brand XL brown suede jacket with tan fleece interior
"Rogue" brand 3XL black shirt
"Hanes" brand 2XL black T-shirt
"El Style" brand 3XL grey sweatpants
"Just One" brand Multicolored/patterned spandex-like trousers
Pink patterned underwear

Shoes: "Levi" brand black low-cut sneakers size 9.5US

Jewelry: Clear stone stud earrings
"Casio" watch with white face and black band

Location Found

Address Delaware River at Market St.
City Philadelphia
State Pennsylvania
County Philadelphia

The body was observed floating in the Delaware River (Phila Banks) by by-standards who called 911. Philadelphia Police Marine Unit retrieved the body from the water and transported to Philadelphia Coast Guard HQ. The decedent was in the water for less than one day referencing temperature and skin condition.

If you recognize this female, please contact
the Philadelphia Cnty Med Exmnrs Ofc
at 215-685-7458
Case # 15-4298. NamUs UID# 14732

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  1. The NamUs page has been taken down. Have they been identified?


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